Type MWd1 EKO/MWg1 EKO

PVC compounds  MWd1 EKO and MWg1 EKO  are used to generate, inter alia: conduits, casing pipes, profiles, small building profiles. Mixtures are sold in dry blend powder or granulate.


Density g/cm3 1,49
Thermal stability at 200 0 C min 45
Vicat softtening temperature deg C 85
Hardness SHORE D 81
Elongation at break % 150
Max.tensile stress MPa 41


Mixtures are packed in polypropylene bags, big bags coated inside with polyethylene with a capacity of 1 ton. Mixtures should be kept in rooms with temperatures no higher than 35oC and relative humidity  of not more than 75%, on wooden pallets.