Rigid flame-resistant plastic conduit type RS white 3mb UV

Rigid flame-resistant plastic conduit RS

Main features

Material: Modified polyvinyl chloride
Standard color: white
Compressive strenght: 750 N
Standard lenght: 3 m
Resistance to UV radiation: yes


Rigid flame-resistant plastic conduits RL are made of polyvinyl chloride (modified PVC), which provide in a wide range of temperature: high compressive, chemical, atmospheric and solar radiation resistance. The conduits meet the requirements of European Union standards "Low Voltage Electrical Equipment" (directive no 2014/35/UE) and CE. Rigid flame-resistant plastic conduits are used for covering electrical installations. It is advised to use them in electrical installation on plaster, under plaster and also on the wood where the higher compressive resistance is required.


  TypeOuter diameter (mm)Packaging in metersPackaging in unitsCatalogue no.
RS 18 18 60 20 68151
RS 20 20 60 20 68175
RS 22 22 60 20 68152
RS 28 28 60 20 68153
RS 37 37 30 10 68154
RS 47 47 30 10 68155