Wall trunkig type LS MS-45 white 2mb, UV

System of flame-resistant wall trunkings type LS  with module MS-45

Main features

Material: Modified polyvinyl chloride
Standard color: white
Compressive strenght: 320 N
Standard lenght: 2 m
Resistance to UV radiation: yes


The wall trunkings type LS with module MS-45 are products used to conduct and protect electrical installations in buildings. Their main advantages are:

  1. High universality:
    • possibility of installation / deinstallation in the main duct of trunking extra  baffle walls and separation trunking, separating theelectrical cablesfrom one another,
    • possibility to fasten in the trunking unlimited of electrical sockets in different configurations,
    • the ability to open in any time unlimited part of the trunking,
    • in the case of making big changes in  already existed  trunkings type MS-45, there is no  need to deinstallation this network, but only  add sequel trunkings and change the configuration of baffle walls  and cable channels which  already exist),
  2. The modern systems of installation electrical sockets no need frames into the trunkings what significantly:
    • easy installation - till now it had to cut a hole in the trunking's cover for  frame with  socket, now you can manually push the socket into the trunking,
    • reduces the costs ( financial and time) associated with  purchasing the frames  and installation  them in the cable channel,
  3. Brackets fixed inside the trunking, which tasks are:
    • supporting the electrical cables during  installation, what make easier work during installation,
    • facilitated deinstallation of electrical wires – after opening the cover, bracket prevent falling down wires which are located in this trunking,
  4. Strong and flexible construction, thanks to them, it is not possible to pull away installed socket (modular MS-45) from electrical trunking.

If you are interested to look for the possibilities of trunkings LS MS-45 from the practical side, we encourage you to watch the movie !!


TypeDimension: width x height [mm]Cross-section [mm²]Number of cables FTP / YDY 3x2,5
LS 90x60 MS-45 110x60 3710 94 / 28
PLS 110x60 MS-45 110x60 3960 115 / 34
LS 130x60 MS-45 130x60 5400 144 / 38


TypePackaging in metersIlość sztuk w paczceCatalogue no.
LS 90x60 MS-45 8 4 68179
LS 110x60 MS-45 6 3 68013
LS 130x60 MS-45 6 3 68277